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*** V I N Y L ***
ORDER Ltd. 250 12" LP HERE : bookmakerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/pyrit-ufo

Pyrit is the solo project of Thomas Kuratli. This first album is the musical expression of an original literary project: the story of a man with a generic name, Ufo, lonely traveler who wanders in a devastated world and then dissolves and largely mutate into an alien machine. This album (recorded in a abandoned parking lot to enjoy the incredible natural reverb of the place) is full of ideas and vivid emotions while definitely pushing the limits of the one man band. Navigating between electronic psyche, gaunt blues and the soundtrack of a weightless film, Thomas exposes himself by donning the costume of a disenchanted crooner in search of the ultimate slow.


released June 26, 2015

Written, recorded & produced by Thomas Kuratli.
Vocals, guitar & cymbals recorded by Olivier Famin
Mastering by Michael Gallusser QFLM
This album is dedicated to Carina.



all rights reserved


PYRIT Paris, France

Cinematic, profound and absorbing. PYRIT is the solo project of Thomas Kuratli. After moving from Zurich to Paris, he started to work at his debut album UFO.
He creates soundscapes of a deserted concrete-world, destruction and loneliness. Sometimes there is a glimpse of hope, sometimes there is not.
Pyrit's music is simultaneously loud and fragile, complex and simple, and always evolving.
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Track Name: Fade Away
fade away
take me
take me out
sleep away
take me out
feed me
take me out
and go

you slip through my fingers
and you drop to the ground
you fade away
fade away
I'm fading away
I'm gone

you're oily, thick and rusty
and you're sliding away
it smells like smoke
and feels like air
it looks like dust

you fade away
fade away
I'm fading away
I'm gone
Track Name: Bright Eyes
now you're gone
you took all away
how should I move on
nothing left to say
I cried at night
showed my shell at day
day was too bright
so I hid and left no trace
no trace

your bright eyes
saw my eyes
they saw dead eyes
in ten years we'll blow it all away
Track Name: Free
you taught me how to be free
but you don't even know about it
you put your hands around me
you said that I don't know anything
maybe you're right
but I'm not the same as you
so how could you teach me
how to be free

then she talked with him
he said he's hard and tough
and she said she's always right
she knows everything
and he was in a fight with two other guys
it screamed and it crashed and it hit in his head
and nobody was right
the other said
peace to you all
-kissing and kissing and kissing and kissing-
and I said
you're not right
you just grab hold of something
and go around with it
and fight for it
and play the game that everyone plays
act like everyone else
play the game that everyone has played before
a thousand times
a thousand lives
and now it's not the time
nobody knows what we're trying
nobody knows what it's all about
we just do, even if we don't know why
Track Name: Time For Wind
you kept me blurred and singing
you kept the bird the right one
you wanted me to be here

now it's time for wind
I mean a huge one one
which blows it all away

bird bird birds

I begged you please do not let me in
but you were too kind
you want me blurred and singing
to keep all that in your mind

now it's time for fire
I mean a huge one
one which burns it all down

but I've been phisically here
I've seen the bird fall down
the future's outside
we have it so fabulous here

caught in the rain
you're trapped in the rain
Track Name: Heroes / Everything
way too many
waiting for another
way too heavy
can't hold it any longer
take my head
and take my heart

I cannot sleep since winter
I'm caught up deep in my mind
I cannot sleep since summer
I'm way too deep in my head

we are just wasting our time again
but we could be wasting our time together
where are your heroes
now when I need them
they could waste their time with me
we all could waste allnight long together

waste your time with me


everything I know
is laid bear in front of me
and I'm diggin' a hole

now there's nothing to hope for
now there's nowhere to go
no I've nothing to hope for
no I've nowhere to go
Track Name: I Am The River
when we're together
holding our heads
trying to forget us
and thinking us away
don't know if I've ever
been so close to you

your hands around me
give me some of those
the ones you gave me for the first time
all of those kisses
from deep down of your heart

forget all the things around us
just you and me, baby
I love you so deeply
I'm breaking through to you

then we're just rolling
floating away
I am the river
you are the boat
you and me, baby
we're going around in the world
we float down the river
we drive on the road

so now come closer
I wanna hold you tight
but you are not moving
since last night
oh baby, are you freezing
or why are you so cold
Track Name: Dirt On The Ground
I wanna lie down
with the dirt on the ground
I wanna sleep away
I wanna float away
with the dust in the wind
with the dirt on the ground

take my head and my heart